Outrigger Bases

The strength of our GEMLUX Outrigger Base allows any style of fishing to be done without worrying about component wear and failure. This includes dredge fishing, high-speed wahoo trolling, and much more. Forget climbing up and balancing on the gunwale of a rocking boat to adjust your outrigger angle or height. Our patented one handle operation allows for complete adjustment of your outriggers from underneath the T-Top. Up, down, in and out, making them much easier and safer to use in rough offshore conditions. Stainless steel roller bearings make Gemlux® outrigger bases the smoothest operating and most user-friendly on the market. Infinite adjustability means you can get your outriggers set just where you like them for fishing, or in the perfect position for blocking out the sun when using the Gemlux® Shade.

  • Cast 316 construction gives you the strength to pull dredges, teasers, and lures without component wear and failure; all off the outrigger poles.
  • No more support braces to hold outrigger poles in place.
  • Being able to get your dredge, teaser, lure all into cleaner water allows you to fish more competitively with a sport-fishing style boat.
  • Having your baits in clean water allows you to see fish approach your spread, which equals more fish caught!

  • Our Patent Pending one handle operation allows complete adjustment from underneath the T-Top. Up, down, in and out.
  • It is no longer necessary to climb up on your gunnel or T-top to adjust your outrigger angle or height.
  • Stainless steel roller bearings make this the most user-friendly outrigger base on the market. So easy a kid can do it. (Really!!)
  • When the ocean is rough, you have complete adjustability from underneath the top with the simple turn of the handle.
  • The knob on our rotating handle is robust so that it’s easy to hold onto, preventing any slips and swinging outriggers.

  • The GEMLUX® Outrigger base is the easiest outrigger base to install. You simply drop into the hole and bolt in.
  • Our outrigger base matches the hole pattern for nearly all existing outrigger bases. (Please be sure to allow 6” of clearance for our 360-degree rotating handle)
  • Maintenance free - that’s right, a simple wash with soap and water after use is all it needs. No more yearly disassembly and maintenance.
  • All of our outrigger bases come with a 1-year warranty. This warranty is very easily extended to 3 years if you register on our website with your unique outrigger “G” number.
  • The short handled outrigger bases were designed to help accommodate retrofit applications where the standard handle length interferes with pipework on your T-Top. Same function as the GEMLUX outrigger base, but with a shorter handle. The normal handle requires 6” of clearance, this short handle requires 4”.

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