Deluxe Outriggers

GEMLUX® Deluxe Carbon Fiber Outriggers were designed to the highest standard for Outriggers in the fishing industry. Period. They have all the advantages of our standard series, plus MORE! Here are a few key features:

  • 3k Woven finish; you can’t miss this finish! This industry-leading woven Carbon Fiber is sure to catch some attention at the dock, along with a LOT of fish!
  • Deluxe Clamping System with Integrated Rollers; the new Deluxe GEMLUX® clamps are a game changer in the outrigger market. The revolutionary clamping system guarantees no slippage or creep during fishing or running. These clamps, when extended, appear to be a “fixed” outrigger, but still maintain the ability to collapse for storage, off-season or trailering.
  • Integrated Roller Guides; Our patent pending roller guides swivels 360° around the outrigger to maintain the least amount of resistance on your halyard lines. This provides ultimate fish-ability when pulling multiple lines on each rigger. No more line snags, tangles or twists!
  • Custom Delrin Base Adapters; to ensure a perfect fit into your outrigger base, no matter the make or model.
  • Larger Base Tubes; adding more strength and stiffness for pulling dredges, teasers, high speed trolling and multiple halyards. (22ft & 27ft poles)
  • Lengths from 18-27ft; 12ft center riggers also available.
  • Specialized UV Protection; specialized UV coating minimizes the damaging effect of UV rays.
  • To purchase GEMLUX® Shade call us today! We'll walk you through the process for the perfect fit for your boat!

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Deluxe Outriggers (PAIR)

$1,936.15 to $2,793.59