Lift & Turn

Lift & turn to open. These do not draw the cam to create a seal and are not watertight. Great for a more economical application where a compression latch is not desired. Perfect for fish boxes live well lids, and deck hatches but without the waterproof option. Engineered with 316 cast stainless steel and a 180-degree turn and close capability, the Lift & Turn Latch remains a customer favorite. FASTENERS NOT INCLUDED. We recommend chrome plated, 316SS or 316SS fasteners for all applications. For all latches that are 2" cutout, you'll need #8 Machine Screws and #8 locknuts. For all latches that are 2-1/2" cutout, you'll need #10 Machine screws and #10 locknuts. For 3" cutout latches, you'll need 1/4" machine screws and 1/4" lock nuts. You can purchase our Installation Kit with everything you need to install your new hardware.

  • Various sizes available (2" to 3" hole saw cutout)
  • Handles turns 360° and folds down
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Comes with 2 cams and backing plate to fit nearly any application
  • Locking and Non-locking
  • Square shaped face available for 2" cutout (1264-2)