Outrigger Systems

We now offer a wide variety of Outrigger Systems. From our tride and true Bluewater Bases, our sleek new Internal Outriggers and finally our Coastal Base Outrigger System. GEMLUX® Carbon Fiber Outriggers were designed to the highest standard for Outriggers in the fishing industry. With pole lengths up to 22ft, The GEMLUX® Fishing System enables you to fish a wider spread, keeping your baits and teasers in clean water where the fish can see them. Getting your spread outside the whitewater also lets you see the fish much better for a more exciting trolling experience. Troll heavy dredges, multiple baits, and even high-speed troll from the tips with weighted wahoo lures. The Gemlux® Fishing System brings the advantages of a sportfish boat to your center console!