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Latest News from GEMLUX®

How to Clean Stainless-Steel Boat Accessories and Parts

Published by: GemLux

If you've recently purchased your first boat, you're undoubtedly experiencing a combination of happiness and apprehension. While a boat is an exciting new purchase, the idea of maintaining it properly can be overwhelming – especially when it comes to keeping your stainless-steel parts looking brand-new. Fortunately, preserving the luster and cleanliness of your boat’s metal parts is quite simple as long as you have the right products and knowledge.

How to Use a Camera While Boating

Published by: GemLux

What’s better than a day spent out on the water? Nothing – that’s what. And whether you’re reeling in your next big catch or simply catching some rays with friends, documenting your adventures is always a good idea.

How to Install Stainless-Steel Rod Holders on Fiberglass Boats

Published by: GemLux

If you're like most fishermen, you've got a story or two to tell about the big fish that got away. This often occurs when you have to put your rod down to operate the boat, eat lunch or dinner, or otherwise do something that requires the use of your hands. Installing rod holders on your vessel provides an excellent way to keep the big fish from slipping away. Here's what you need to know:

Where to Mount Rod Holders on A Boat

Published by: GemLux

Every fisherman knows that it isn't always possible to keep their hands on their rod at all times—after all, boats need to be steered, hooks need to be baited, and sandwiches need to be eaten. If you're like most fishermen, you already know that the moment you set your rod down to attend to something else is when the fish are most likely to bite.