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Deluxe Outrigger Base Pair

Deluxe Outrigger Base Pair

You’ll find this base is ideal for boats 18'-25', but can also be used in some applications outside this range. The Deluxe Base was designed with bait fishing in mind, allowing for multiple baits and taglines. Our one-handle design allows for complete adjustment from underneath the T-Top. Up, down, in and out, making them much easier and safer to use in rough offshore conditions. The Deluxe bases are designed to be used with 16' and 18’ outriggers, in which we have created a new hybrid pole for this specific base. This new pole is a carbon fiber blend specifically designed for offshore fishing. This allows for a more affordable pole option, yet still providing the quality and durability Gemlux is known for. This uses a 1.5” tube and will hold any pole that is 1.5". To watch our videos on our Deluxe Outrigger System click HERE.



Engineering Specs
  • Product Material List: Investment Cast Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 33 lb
  • Fastener Size: 1/4"
  • Cutout Size: 3.125

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