The Gemlux® Fishing System With Gemlux® Shade The Gemlux® Fishing System With Gemlux® Shade

Ultimate Fishing Machine / Ultimate Shade Machine

With The Gemlux® Fishing System you can fish like a pro, then go throw shade at the sandbar with the family.

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Revolutionary One Handle Operation

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3k Woven Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles

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Collapsible Poles For Storage & Running

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Patent Pending Outrigger Shade

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Legendary Gemlux Quality & Craftsmanship

The Ultimate Fishing System

Fish Like A Big Boat

With pole lengths up to 22ft, The Gemlux® Fishing System enables you to fish a wider spread, keeping your baits and teasers in clean water where the fish can see them. This also lets you see the fish better for a more engaging and exciting trolling experience. And with the extreme strength of our carbon fiber outrigger poles and cast 316 stainless steel bases, your potential rigging options are endless. Troll heavy dredges, multiple baits, and even high speed troll from the tips with weighted wahoo lures. The Gemlux® Fishing System brings the advantages of a sport fish boat to your center console!

Center Console Using The Gemlux® Fishing System Outriggers And Bases

Effortless Outrigger Control

Patent Pending One Handle Operation

Long gone are the days of stumbling up and balancing on the gunwale of a rocking boat to adjust your outrigger angle or height. Our patent pending one handle operation allows for complete adjustment of your outriggers from underneath the T-Top. Up, down, in and out, making them much easier and safer to use in rough offshore conditions. Stainless steel roller bearings make these the smoothest operating and most user friendly outrigger bases on the market. So easy a kid can do it (seriously). Our base’s infinite adjustabilty means you can get your outriggers set just where you like them for fishing, or in the perfect position for blocking out the sun when using the Gemlux® Shade.

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Shade For The Whole Family

The Revolutionary Gemlux® Shade

Feel like relaxing at the sandbar with family or friends on a hot summer day? With The Gemlux® Shade, and just a few clips to your outriggers, you can go from ultimate fishing machine to ultimate shade machine. The Gemlux® Shade can be attached to cover the aft of your boat, or even the bow by rotating your outriggers forward. And since there are no straps or poles to get in your way, you retain full 360 degree fish-ability. Gemlux® Shade is perfect for getting some sanctuary from the blazing sun while kicking back at the sandbar or deep dropping for daytime swordfish.

The Gemlux® Shade On The Gemlux Outrigger Fishing System From Above
Gemlux Shade Integrated Attachment Points On Outriggers
Gemlux® Carbon Fiber Outriggers For Dredge Fishing, High Speed Trolling, And Troll Multiple Baits

A Game Changer For Center Consoles

The Most Versatile Outriggers Ever

Gemlux® outriggers are stronger, longer, and loaded with innovative features. One of which is our patent pending roller guides that swivel 360° around the outrigger to maintain the least amount of resistance on your halyard lines. This provides ultimate fish-ability when pulling multiple lines on each rigger. No more line snags, tangles or twists. When your done fishing just twist the Deluxe Gemlux® Clamps to collapse your outriggers down for a compact profile. In addition to the high performance features, Gemlux® outriggers feature industry leading 3k woven carbon with a specialized UV coating that is sure to catch some attention at the dock, along with a LOT of fish!


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Gemlux® Outrigger Fishing System Video


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Infinite Shade Adjustability

Throw Shade Where You Need It

The amazing strength and infinite adjustability of The Gemlux® Fishing System provides the perfect platform for Gemlux® Shade. With just a few turns of the outrigger adjustment handle, you can angle your Gemlux® Shade up or down, to throw shade exactly where you need it. You can even angle it to throw shade in the water when you’re lounging overboard at the sandbar. No longer will your crew have to huddle under the T-Top to escape the sun on a hot day. When you’re done using the Gemlux® Shade, simply unclip and store.

Throwing Shade By Angling The Gemlux® Carbon Fiber Outriggers For Extra Center Console T-Top Shade

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Get Gemlux® SHADE FREE When You Order A Gemlux® Fishing System (Outrigger Bases & Poles) Before 4/30/18


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