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Carbon Fiber Outriggers

GEM Products purchased Bly Riggers because we knew that we could combine our knowledge of hardware with carbon fiber technology, and produce the best center console outrigger in the history of fishing. These riggers are vastly superior to any aluminum outrigger ever produced. They are also substantially better than any carbon fiber outrigger ever produced. We are thrilled with the results!

  • They are longer - which gets your teasers and baits into clean water. Note: Fish don’t like to eat in white-water; they want a clean look at your bait! The longer the better!
  • They are stronger - which enables you to pull dredges, squid chains, and multiple lines from each rigger. Note: That old saying is true: “More is better”!
  • They help you catch more fish - When your teasers and baits are in clean water, the fish can see them much better. You can also see the fish better. Note: this dramatically increases your chance of hooking the fish.
  • They maximize your fish-ability - For example: You can pull weighted wahoo lures and large leads with tag lines out to the tip of our carbon fiber outriggers, at HIGH SPEED! Note: A wide spread dramatically increases your wahoo numbers!


# PL-OR5B-GEM-S: A - Standard Item


# PL-KR3B-GEM-S: A - Standard Item


# PL-CR3B-GEM-30: A - Standard Item


# PL-CR3B-GEM-RHS: A - Standard Item


# PL-CR3B-GEM-T170: A - Standard Item


# PL-CRB-30-GEM: A - Standard Item


# AD-12-RHS: A - Standard Item